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“Jerry is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits to his internal stakeholders. I found him to be consistently driven, tackling all assignments with dedication and a “can-do” attitude. Jerry is consistently regarded as one of the best classroom facilitators in his field and is frequently looked at in terms of mentorship and professional advice.”


Greg Boots – Manager, Organizational Development, Career Education Corp.


“Jerry is always committed to a successful outcome on the projects he’s responsible for. He is a dedicated Organizational Development Professional, always making sure he is educated on new developments in his field. Jerry’s efforts at any company are always focused on supporting the organization’s strategy.”


Veronica Jauregui , Learning & Performance Specialist , Beam Global Spirits & Wines, Inc.


“Jerry effectively establishes himself as the leader of groups with whom he works, and he does so by clearly illustrating the positive consequences of their compliance. A perceptive observer, Jerry employs active listening techniques to understand differences before responding to them. Jerry respects people unequivocally and congruently; he walks his talk.”


Michael Coyle, Instructor, Elizabethtown Community and Technical College


“I had the pleasure to work with Jerry on several projects. His dedication and professionalism to his clients was nothing short of exceptional. His positive outlook and ability to reach the needs of diverse clients is a true asset in meeting the development needs of any organization.”


Rob Denton, Learning and Development Specialist


“Jerry’s in-depth organizational development knowledge combined with his exceptional platform skills provides him with the tools to be a dynamic speaker that educates, motivates and inspires.”


Mike Goldberg, Senior Vice President, Human Resources


“Jerry is a strategic minded professional always thinking a step ahead. He encourages and supports his clients to work at the highest level and develop their skills.”


Ryan Brownstead, Learning & Performance Specialist


“Jerry is a dedicated Orgnaizational Development professional who cares about people. In addiiton to understanding adult learning theory, Jerry is a talented facilitator with an ability to connect with workshop participants.”


Wendy Finger, Director, Human Resources


“You will always take away something of value in one of LEAD Strong’s workshops. Their teambuilding tools are so useful. The best I’ve seen.”


Regino Valderamma, Training and Development Manager